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Online Shopping Bangladesh

Online Shopping in Bangladesh Do you want to do online shopping in Bangladesh? Oh ! who doesn't.Because of online shopping hassle-free of traffic jam, time wasting, and so many other problem. In the USA there are 60-79% of people buy their products online. You have not gone so far, if you look India you see many people of India buy their products from online. And online shopping become too popular day by day in Bangladesh Now you think, If that's good, why many people don’t buy from online in Bangladesh ? I really appreciate with you. Because Many people don’t know about online shopping and also there is some problem with online shopping in Bangladesh. I will try to give answer your question. In this content, I will show you, , 1.The history of online shopping in bangladesh 2. The reason why should you buy products from online 3.How you can buy products from online 4.The source of eCommerce Product in Bangladesh 5. The major problem of online shopping 6.The safety of online shopping 7.Top e-commerce sites of Bangladesh 8.The present condition of online shopping in Bangladesh So why you are waiting , let’s start: 1. History of Online shopping in Bangladesh : Everyone know online shopping is many popular in a country like USA,UK or any other European country. And they start their e-commerce journey many before. But it’s should be a question to your minds or many others, How and when e-commerce or online shopping comes in Bangladesh ? Which is the first e-commerce company in Bangladesh ? are they still alive or not? OK! I am breaking your curiosity. Let’s go to the flashback, It was 1999 when the first e-commerce company comes in Bangladesh And is the first e-commerce company in bangladesh. that was not too much easy to start online shopping business in bangladesh . It was not welcomed in Bangladesh at the beginning stage. And Due to politics, slow internet, and poverty of our country and others so many problems they stop their business in bd. After that many companies have tried so many times but could not see the bright sun. Though many people don’t know about but they know about is first online shop in bangladesh. So,let’s discuss when bangladeshi people started to know about online shopping . It was 2006 when officially published by grameenphone and at the same time they open cellbazar. And for the first time, It was a successful project. And it’s open the eye of the investor. And many investors inspire from them. And If we go to the flashback then we find that It was the turning point to open the eye of investor and highly inspire others to come in this sector. And after that Here comes Bikroy and totally change the mind setup and widely give a good sound to people to engage with the online marketplace. Though online shopping in Bangladesh was not popular and not welcomed at the beginning stage it’s come with many upwards and downwards in bd. And took about one and a half decades to get success to come to today’s stage. And now many companies like ajkerdeal,daraj and gearboost are come to the stage and make easier shopping for people. 2. 10 reason for online shopping in bangladesh Though there are so many reason to do online shopping in bangladesh.But I will show you most 10 important reason that attract you to do online shopping at bangladesh. So,let’s start : 1. Unbearable Traffic Jam : If you live in Dhaka city then you will agree with me that, the traffic jam of Dhaka city is totally out of control from you. Because the road of Dhaka city is limited and many times VIP person go on the road. And then start non-stop traffic. If your time is so much important and you want to save your valuable time and not want the hassle of traffic jam then online shopping is the best alternative solution for you. 2. Get rid of product price bargains : If you have experience of shopping in Dhaka city or anywhere of Bangladesh then you will appreciate with me that, If you want to buy products from shopping mall and not want to be foolish then you must bargain about product price with the shopkeeper. Because, If you visit then you see the majority of shopping mall in Bangladesh, the product price is not fixed. And If you are a new customer then the shopkeeper will try to make you foolish. And want to take two multiple prices to you from the real price. So, If you buy products from online then you don’t need to bargains with the shopkeeper.because the price of online products are fixed. 3. Get rid of shopkeeper Bad behaviour : Though maximum shopkeeper behavior is good. But there are some shopkeeper who will show a bad attitude to you if you pricing the product but not buy from him with any reason. An example, at new market in Dhaka there is a market called Chandrima super market. Here a lady was hassled with language by the shopkeeper. And then the police arrest the shopkeeper. And that news came in many newspapers at that time. You may check. So, If you do your shopping online then you have not any risk or tension about this matter.because in online shopping system you will not connect with shopkeeper directly. And if you have any complaint about the products or shopkeeper then you can do it with your website helpline where you buy the products. And then they will take action on the shopkeeper. 4. Product refund : If you buy a product from any physical shopping mall and then if any product has any problem but the shopkeeper hide it to you and you found that after come into your house then what will you do? Obviously, you must go back to shopkeeper.but most of the cases if the shopkeeper is not an honest person, he will not refund your product anymore. And will say you, why not you see that before buying. And they not refund product after buy. Though there have some shop who have 7 or 10 or 15days refund policy. but the majority have not yet. On the other hand, if you buy products from online and find the problem of products or the products is not the same as you saw then you will get chances to refund it with 3days. And almost every online shopping company have the refund policy. 5. Varieties of price waste your Time : Suppose you want to buy a shirt or dress and one shopkeeper tell you the price is $15 and other says it $10. But the shirt color is the same but you think the Cloth Threads are different. Or you buy a shirt or dress and visit too many shops and getting confused about what should buy or what not! And it’s really wastage of many people including me also in the psychical shop. So, If you won't get rid of confusion and save your time then online shopping in Bangladesh is the best option for you. 6.All of your products in one shop : Do you want to buy a t-shirt, a watch, a cricket bat and also a frying pan?If yes, and from psychical shopping mall then you must go to four shops. And you find one is market ‘A’ and other is marke ‘B’ and others are market ‘C’ then what will you do? You must go everywhere if you want to buy. But in the online shopping at Bangladesh you don’t need to go to many shops.You will get all of your products in one place, just add to cart your every product and buy it in one click. And it will save you many times and make simple to your life 7.The risk of political strike : Suppose you are ready for your shopping and comes in the road from your house and see that today is one kind of strike and the busses are stopped for this. And you can’t go there or go to the market with extra bus fare and risk. And also it wastes your many valuable time. On the other hand, if you buy your products from online shopping of Bangladesh then you don’t take any headache about this. 8.Is market close or Open : If you live in the Dhaka city or anywhere in Bangladesh then you know that every market has a specific different holiday. An example Eastern Plaza, Bashundhara City, New Market are closed on Tuesday but mirpur 1 market closed in Thursday and Mirpur 10 or IDB of agargaon are closed in Sunday. So, If you target one market and go on there on the closed days and you will get back with Bare hands and waste your money and time. Besides, The online shopping of Bangladesh Are open for you 24hours of a day 7days of a weak and 365days of a year. When your mind wants,what your mind want you can check the price of the product and buy it in your preferred time. So, you are welcome in the online shopping to Bangladesh. 9.Payment system and safety :If you don’t have any car. You always going shopping without your personal vehicle, I think the majority of us have not a personal car yet. Then you have a risk of loss of your money bag or handset on the bus or other vehicles in Dhaka city. And if you looked that the online shopping Bangladesh system then you will find that, if you buy a product then you can pay it from your mobile bank account or cash on delivery(that means pay after getting your product). Where you have not to go anywhere and not have any risk. You can pay with full of your safety. shopping in bangladesh with home delivery: Do you think a product you see on your monitor just order with a click and get it on your hand without any hassle? Yes, the online shopping system makes true your dream. Now, You don’t need to go on the market and don’t need to bear your products. Your products will bear by someone and you will get it from your home with online shopping Bangladesh home delivery System. Now, choice of yours. Where you will shopping for your future shopping .please do comment your Decision or thoughts about this? 3.How to buy from online shopping in Bangladesh? Are you crazy about buying online shopping Bangladesh clothes? If yes, then how? In this point, I will show you how you can buy online shopping Bangladeshi dress from an online shop or website. You have to just follow some step with me. You have to just follow some step with me. account/sign up-in this step open account with your email and verify your account with a verification code.It’s easy like to open a Facebook ID. And also set a password to your account 2.Login-just give your email and password to login. 3.choose a product -choose what you want to buy and add it to your add to cart button. And then just click to buy button. It will take you on the payment option page. 4.payment- if you have any coupon or discount just place your coupon or discount and get low price of that product. And here have 2 payment system ? Online payment : If you give your payment with your bkash/rocket or master/visa card then it would be online payment for you. And then a merchant of any e-commerce or online shopping site will deliver your product risk free.many times it seems that some product can be a very small number Marchent not want to send you before payment .Then you need online payment.otherwise, you can buy any products with cash on delivery. ? Cash on delivery : It’s a very interesting system and the most popular system of online shopping in bangladesh or allover in the world. And It’s a very simple and easy system The system is the product come to your house with a delivery man and you check is it all right as you saw then you pay to the delivery man. 4.The source of eCommerce Product in Bangladesh : There was a time when the market was in a low competition and then our majority products of online shopping were from China .But now the time is change ,many local clients focus their business in online shopping.Though lots of products still from China. But for this reason of client competition now, many local products come on online shopping in bangladesh. Like :online shopping bangladesh dress online shopping bangladesh clothes,bd fashion online and etc. And many other products you can find in Bangladesh now. So, You are welcome in online shopping bangladesh. 5. The major problem of online shopping : I think there is no service in the world without any kinds of problem. And for the first of any service, there should be some problem. And bangladesh is not out from those rules. And there has some problem also. ? Product not delivery on right time: This is the most common complaint of customer or almost 70-80% of the customer complaint about this that the products deliver with delay 2-3 days or 7days delay from their given timing. ? Real time tracking system : In bangladesh, No e-commerce company still not start any real time tracking system where the customer could ensure where their product is now? and how it is? Is there any problem happened with my product? why so late ? all of the questions could be answered if the real time tracking system open. And I think it will open very soon . And it will be more popular. ? Wrong product delivery : Sometimes by mistake, they deliver Wrong product to the customer for their wrong packing and then customer get angry on them and refund the products. And if the customer needs the product then he again re-order to deliver the product. And It’s waste and gives a hassle to the customer. ? Wrong address or information:Either some bad customer to take an act of revenge or want to give some hassle to the delivery man they don’t pick up their phone on product delivery time or when the delivery man would go his house or neither given a wrong address to delivery address. And for some that reason, the online shop got some strict and not want to deliver with only a product. They deliver product in one area with many that, if one or two customers given wrong information but the maximum product will deliver on the right time . And if we want to understand that , It’s also a reason for late delivery of our product. 6.The safety of online shopping : It’s can be a question to your mind . Am I safe with online shopping ? Is my data secure ? or my online payment or bkash/rocket in a risk ? In the modern hacking world it’s not impossible if you not aware of this. And the safety of your accounts is on your hand. You can ask me how ? Yes now, I tell you how can safe with that just simply follow only 1 rule. And that is , when buying any online shop then just check that their website have https:// version or not. If it’s on https:// or there have a locked button on there. Or if it without https version that means you do not properly save with your data. It can be a risk for you. So, I highly recommend you not to buy anything without SSL or https:// version site. So, keep safe with your account and stay happy with online shopping. 7.Top e-commerce sites of Bangladesh: In some recent years there are many entrepreneurs want or try to come in this field and the marker is going competitive. With some big company like daraj,ajker deal there are also some new company whose are trying to give their best service to hold the market. With market analysis, I will give you a list of the Best 10 e-commerce site list. The list could be changed with google ranking or with customer satisfaction or some company service. Or there could be a revolution with any new company. Just like facebook . No one imagines about this that, there some company can come and compete with google or Microsoft. And according to some source, It’s hearing that Amazon and aliexpress will come in bangladesh and then the market will be more competitive . And then everyone service will be more good to stay on the market. ? ?, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? In the above list can be changed by their service or can be joined by a big company. An example daraj include with Alibaba in bangladesh. So, If amazon or the biggest company like Ali express,e-bay comes in bangladesh and Ajker deal or any company add with them and start a joint venture company that not be a surprisable matter And some new chanel said that, Amazon will come in 2020 for invest in bangladesh. And this also a good thing that our local biggest players are the focus on there and come on this sector. 10.The present condition of online shopping in Bangladesh: According to wikipedia in some recent survey shows that Bangladesh is one of the Top emerging online market in the world.And it will be around 2 billion(BDT) markets place. And also shown that after updating the e-commerce rules by the bangladesh government the e-commerce business has become so much easier and popular in bangladesh. And other things is that After coming 3G internet the online shopping industry are significantly boosted. And Basically online electronic shop,clothing,toiletries, gift item, family shop ,kitchen item etc are sold very much from other product. And IT will be more good easier and many facilities will include in online shopping in bangladesh. And according to prothom alo in bangladesh around 1.5 to 2 million people are shopped in online every year. And the market was increased by about 20%. And according to Bangladesh bank data, There around 1 million customers are on the mobile banking system.and 100 crore money were transaction by mobile bank accounts.And another survey of MetrixLab they see the 1 billion customers used the product to their stocks. And the money worth about 147 billion bangladeshi TK. A Bangladeshi newspaper “The Independent” Was show that the Annual online shopping transactions worth about 1,000 crores Tk. And Above all the survey was 2014. And In 2017 the online sale was 1400 crores BDT, 2018 the online sale was 2000 Crores BDT. So now think in 2019 and in the future what is the ratio ? So, we can say that the online shopping future will be good as a bright Sun. SO , why you are behind? Let’s start and discover a new era of bangladesh



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